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Print / Embroidery / 時裝設計師及時尚專欄作家


28th Nov, 2017


早前榕榕到了澳門參加DFS的聖誕開幕巡禮,今次澳門City Of Dreams DFS請來多位時尚界名人出席是次活動,包括時裝博客Bag Snob,Mr Bag。整個活動主要為全球最大願望成真機構Make-A-Wish募捐善款,希望值此活動饋贈及關懷那些遭遇不幸的人,幫助全世界超過41.5萬名重病兒童實現了夢想。

拍賣品包括AllSaints捐贈的精美皮夾克,以及Mr Bag 及 Bag Snob共同挑選的手袋,而且全部已經增加了手袋繪本藝術家Boyarde的經典流行藝術設計。更在DFS 店內展出一系列貫切她風格的作品,玩味十足,充滿活力淘氣的感覺,跟聖誕節歡樂的氣氛十分匹配。



1. How you start transforming handbags? 你是什麼時候開始繪畫手袋的?
Originally I began painting body art after spending time in Belize. My transition in to the fashion world spurred from a project I did with Charlotte Olympia for Art Basel in 2012, where I hand painted 100 pairs of her signature dolly’s which sold out. This is when the fashion audience discovered me, and I began to paint on all the different leather surfaces and fashion accessories for clients all over the world. It has expanded rapidly from there.

2. What is your inspiration and muse?
I would have to say Roy Lichtenstein- because of hisability to remove the everyday object or idea from its existing narrative such as an advert, and recontexulaise it in the gallery space. Every day popular culture no longer represents its original meaning: he is the artistwho embraces the recycling of existing templates; Such as his version of Picasso’s portrait of Dora Maar.

3. Which one is your favourite piece?
We have had so many fabulous ideas created between the client and Boyarde but one that springs to mind recently is our fabulous Macanese clients who asked me to paint her son and iron man fighting on her alligator Kelly. It was a huge challenge in terms of surface, attempting to paint tiny details on the mountainous surface of the crocodile, but the results were fantastic.

4. How long does it take to finish a piece?
I am known for quality. To achieve the desired quality, it is a meticulous process which takes a great deal of time- anywhere from 5 hours to two weeks per item. We are a small team quickly expanding. As Boyarde artwork is in high demand all around the world, there is an ever-expanding queue; however for clients it’s worth the wait!

5. Where is your favourite art museum? Why? 你最喜歡到那個藝術館?為什麼?
The first museum that spring to mind is The Victoria & Albert museum in London. I love the way you can pop in and see classic art from every century but then also attend some of the most fabulous modern fashion exhibitions like the infamous Alexander McQueen exhibition. This was an exhibition of mind-blowing visual stimulation; that was more like an experience than an exhibition.

6. What is “Fashion” for you? 對於你來說「時裝」是什麼?
For me fashion is about self expression. It is about finding the right things to wear that tell people who you are, define your mood, bring out your confidence and reflect your day.

7. What is your future plans? 你的未來大計是什麼?
To expand the Boyarde brand and embrace world domination;) On a more serious note; for my art to continue to be recognised for its signature style, and to collaborate with other luxury brands. I would love to explore all avenues of expressing my artwork be it fashion or lifestyle.