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Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles

30th Oct, 2017

Hey guys, I am traveling here in L.A for 3months to study professional dancing here. And here I am at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed by the worlds famous architect Frank Ghery. I am supposed to study my exam next week, but I feel like to come here today and share these images to you on Jessica. Have not been writing my editorial for a while. As a fan of Silva and metal, this building is one of my favorite artwork in the world. Fashion and art never leave me at all, also my column readers at Jessica, there had been some hectic for me on the first month I get here, so it takes me a while before I can share more about fashion, music, art and dance of the city. Bring more excitement and news to all of you in Hong Kong. If you have any enquiry about my images and sharing you can reach me directly here. Email: