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Bells & Whistles

Esther Chan2016-10-08
Elisabetta Franchi black sheer body $3,060
Emporio Armani black patent skirt (price to be confirmed)
Viatory silver rings $1,990 - $2,950 and earring $2,490 from Moda Shu
High Cheeks silver rings $349 - $469 from I.T
Vintage Hollywood silver rings $490 each from D-Mop
Inniu crystallized cuff $5,980
Anna Karin Karlsson crystallized sunglasses $13,200 from Runway Workshop
Fendi black sheer embroidered dress $36,100
Hermes rose gold cuff $98,600
Giorgio Armani (worn on eye) black heart brooch $6,300
Inniu (worn on index finger) crystallized ring $3,280
Elie Saab (worn on ring finger, middle finger and thumb) rings $2,825 - $3,950

Giorgio Armani black tulle cape $40,000 Emporio Armani black patent dress $9,400 Elie Saab gold cuffs $6,175 - $6,475 Vivienne Westwood rings $2,360 - $2,460 and (worn on neck) black and white belt $1,580 Lanvin gold necklace $6,500

Lanvin black crystallized coat $64,900 and gold earring (price to be confirmed) Vintage Hollywood (worn on upper neck) gold choker $820 from D-Mop Viatory (worn on lower neck) gold pendant $3,490 from Moda Shu Art Direction & Styling: Denise Seto Styling Assistant: Rachel Wong Hair: Cora Lai @ Willmakeup Makeup: Jessy Tse @ Willmakeup Photo: Sze Chuen Model: Ula @ Primo

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