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Deck The Halls!

Furla Metropolis gold and silver glitter leather crossbody $3,190 each
Emporio Armani red fur coat $64,600
Candies fried egg phone case $250
Folli Follie Bow earrings $795, Apeiron ring $445, (worn on wrist from top to bottom) Bow bangle $595, Apeiron bangle $795 and Santorini Flower red leather strap watch $4,755, Heart4Geart red perforated handbag $1,965
DKNY red coat $6,990

Folli Follie Apeiron earrings $695, (worn on neck from top to bottom) Sunbeam necklace $1,765 and Chain Addition necklace $1,325, (worn on index finger) Apeiron ring with crystal stone $445, (worn on middle finger) Bow ring $485, (worn on wrist from top to bottom) Santorini Flower ceramic bracelet watch $6,795, Sunbeam bracelet $1,175, Apeiron bangle with crystal stone $1,153 and red leather clutch $2,395 Hermes red turtleneck dress $18,600 Escada red beanie $900

Art Direction & Styling: Kieran Ho Hair Kidd Sun @ Willmakeup Makeup: Jessy Tse @ Willmakeup Photo: Kwan Model: Masha A @ Synergy

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