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The Fitting Room

Ada Chan2017-04-10

Givenchy black dotted dress $7,990 and matching chiffon dress $35,600 Miu Miu red patterned jacket $15,600 and black patent floral appliqué cap $6,200 Kate Spade rattan monkey bag $3,600 Wolford black tight pants $520 Melissa red rubber sandals $1,000

Givenchy black dotted collar top $9,090 Prada plaided jacket $20,950

Elisabetta Franchi blue bodysuit $3,160 Gucci metallic striped jacket (price to be confirmed) Karen Walker sunglasses $3,500 Dolce & Gabbana drum bag $23,500

Givenchy red jersey dress $7,990 and red striped fringed dress $22,900 Emporio Armani red earrings $4,600 Loewe gold bangle $6,350 (worn on left hand) Shanghai Tang gold ginkgo bangle $3,280 (worn on right hand) Kate Spade gold lantern bag $3,900 Wolford black lace up socks $670 Jimmy Choo purple sandals $ 8,190

Moschino black patterned dress $9,600 Karen Walker sunglasses (price to be confirmed) Agent Provocateur red stockings $545 Prada black pumps $6,950

Moschino red dotted shirt $8,100 and white patterned dress $22,000 Prada black pumps $6,950 Candies rubber phone case (price to be confirmed)

Gucci floral patterned dress $32,500 and green pants $14,000

Nina Ricci purple sequined dress $56,080 from Joyce Fendi fur coat $304,000 Miu Miu black patent floral appliqué cap $6,200 Luisa Leitao Prime sunglasses $2,280 Gucci palm cuff $6,750 Jimmy Choo purple sequined clutch $7,590 Art Direction and Styling: Denise Seto Styling assisted by: Linda Seto Photo: Lincoln Wong @ DS Productions Makeup: Gloria Chan @ Willmakeup Hair: Nemes Chan @ Willmakeup Model: Rebeca S @ Quest Model


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