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Tux Maniac

Xenyo Limited2018-09-02

DORIAN HO HOMME black mesh and beads bow-tie $2,310, white pleated tux shirt $3,300 and white crystallized jacket $5,600
SWAROVSKI cufflinks $1,140 and ring $990


ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA white pleated tux shirt $6,800
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO white jacket H&M white bow tie $249 (set of 3 bow ties)
SWAROVSKI cross pendant $1,760 and rings (both $990)
PRADA white sunshades (price to be confirmed)


LOUIS VUITTON white tux shirt, jacket $24,800 and leather shoes $7,050
GIORGIO ARMANI off-white linen shorts $6,100
THOMAS SABO silver ring $2,990


Art Direction & Styling: Denise Seto
Assisted by: Linda Seto & Steve Lau
Photo: Jun Chan
Make up: Man Chan @ Touch Up Production
Hair: Katy Ng @ Touch Up Production
Model: Danny J @ Primo Management


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