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Versace Palazzo好孭?

Versace又有新搞作, SS16 Collection發表後, 重點出擊Palazzo背包和蝴蝶結手袋, 閃呀閃...閃到你暈! 兩大重點主題, 野性的豹紋, 熱帶叢林, bling bling珠片刺繡, 每個款式都飾以黑色Medusa頭像...浮誇! Super model Gigi Hadid已經孭咗啦, 你仲等咩呀?
"I wanted to make selected pieces available straight away. The new Palazzo backpack and bow bags are designed for the way women live their lives today, mixing tailoring with sportswear and effortless glamour.” Donatella Versace

Text: Denise Seto

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