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Angelini: one of the best lunch deals for hotel dining

Jessica Jann2015-11-11

Angelini is one of my favourite places and perfect places to go for a business meeting, hearty lunch or for a nice, long and very yummy catchup. Angelini has a beautiful view of Hong Kong side as well as a beautiful view of two antipasti buffet stations (for lunch, that is!) I've written about the restaurants at Island Shangrila a lot: Nadaman, Cafe Too, and Lobster Bar to name a few. But I've seem to miss blogging about the Kowloon Shangrila restaurants- until now. More on

One time I was delighted with this beautiful gem. The luxuriously creamy sea urchin and black truffle risotto! This was incredibly decadent, rich and hearty!

I recently went for lunch and here's the awesomeness that you can get!!! The lunch set is $328 for antipasti bar, soup, a main and dessert. That't a really good deal for a hotel lunch!!

I loaded up on vegetables at the antipasti bar. I grabbed some cold cuts and cheese as well for seconds!

Lovely bread selection to choose from! Carb up, everyone!

Coffee comes with your lunch set! Iced latte for me!

I was craving meat this time and went with the fatty pork belly, mashed potatoes and vegetable medley. I liked the pork belly- but was a bit on the dry side. Next time, go for....

This beautiful lobster linguini. The portion is extremely generous and only for an additional $100. Its luscious, rich and savoury. I loved the combination of the juicy lobster along with the sweet tomatoes and comforting linguini. MUST GET THIS! Possibly the best lobster linguini in Hong Kong!

For dessert: tiramisu (literal translation of "a pick me up" in Italy.) It makes a lot of sense since theres a mix of coffee, espresso or rum layered with mascarpone cheese, custard and topped with cocoa or grated chocolate!!! TERRIFIC-O!


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