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Cynthia Mak2015-09-18

Let me just briefly introduce myself. I am Cynthia, co-creator/designer of Cynthia & Xiao. We are a relatively new Chinese brand, started by myself together with my wonderful friend and partner in Beijing, Xiao Xiao. We’ve known each other since our university years at Central Saint Martins. However, we decided that the right time to pursue our passions was after a few years of working at different fashion companies.


People always wonder how we manage to work so well in two different cities. Honestly, this might not have been possible five years ago when mobile devices were not so ubiquitous. Now, it's easy because we can wechat, qq, or skype to stay connected.

Anyway, our second season, FW15, has just been launched. This collection reflects on the brand's identity of bold basics: Simple shapes in popping block colours with unique details such as our hand-made paracords! Please support and check us out in Lane Crawford Hong Kong and China!

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