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Let the Christmas season begin

Mama Joyce 敖景欣2015-12-01

The first of December is very special, it’s when we start ******** down for Christmas. Each year, we have a chocolate advent calendar, but this year, I decided to create my own. With some research on the internet, I decided to make the Christmas tree out of toilet rolls and Kleenex boxes, it came out very pretty, but because the toilet roll plus items inside are too heavy, it can only lay it down on the chair, it will be better if I can hang it up, but its ok.

For the items inside, instead of waking up to a piece of chocolate everyday, Krissa and I decided to give surprise to each other by splitting up the advent calendar, I’ll receive surprises from her on odd number days and she will receive surprises from me on even number days. This is the first time Krissa buy stuffs for me with her own money, although, it will be from the 12 dollar store, but it will be very interesting to see when she got. I’m looking forward to every morning in December!!!

Last year, I collected used boxed from 759 store and created this fire place, it lasted till CNY.


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