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My First Blog

Mama Joyce 敖景欣2015-11-03

This is my first blog, I know, I know, there are gazillion bloggers out there and I’m only doing this for the first time. I have to thank Jessica for giving me this opportunity to share this little hobbies of mine to everyone with the same interest.

I started making these lunches when my daughter Krissa was around 6 years old (she is 8 now). At first, I was making them occasionally, then more and more. I have to say, I have more fun making them than Krissa eating them.

To be honest, when I first started making bento lunches, I was hoping she will get some “wows and awes” at school, but Krissa tells me that a lot of times her classmates doesn’t see it or it’s all messed up by lunch time. But I continued, thinking that it’s ok if the only person I get “wows and awes” is from Krissa. At first she gets very excited after I made the lunches in the morning, but as time goes by, she gets bored of having rice all the time and had requested me to make her some normal lunches. I asked her “what do you mean by normal” she said: “Well, maybe square ham sandwiches.” That was a real discouragement, but then I thought, maybe I add some varieties to her lunches and see what happens. Then, I added sandwiches and pasta to her lunch menu, she likes it more and more. The smile I get from her after I make these lunch is priceless.

I hope to continue making these lunches until she said “It’s enough mama, I’m embarrass to bring these lunches to school, they are too cute for my age.”. Hope that doesn’t come soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my little hobby. Hope you enjoy it and will enjoy my future posts.

Once again, Thank you Jessica!!!


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