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Jessica Jann2015-09-18

Yung Kee is super duper famous. This restaurant is ***** dab right in the middle of Central. It's one of those places like Luk Yu, Che's Dim Sum, Celebrity Cuisine that serves staple Cantonese cooking. There's a lot more on my MUST eat Chinese food list! But let me first talk about Yung Kee. "More than half a century ago, it was a modest cooked food stall in Kwong Yuen West Street. Its founder, Mr. Kam Shui Fai was renowned for his Roast Goose." -Yung Kee.

And was the roast goose...GOOD. As we made our way onto Wellington Street- the crowd was buzzing, and so was my stomach. We went to the 4th floor of their building

We had to get their signature whole roasted goose. Look at the glistening goose skin. It had the perfect balance of fat, oil, skin and plump, plump meat! The goose meat was fragrant and flavorful. Sometimes...greasy can be VERY good.

A entire winter melon, pork, crab meat and asparagus soup. This was delicious! Piping hot, perfect pieces of giant winter melon and perfectly warmed us all up.

Giant prawns lightly fried with roe. These babies were EXPENSIVE. But they were definitely very good. The plump, sweet prawn was surrounded in a gently fried batter. GOOD stuff!

Yummy! We were saying we wanted to pack these up- they would make the perfect midnight snack!

This is a majority of the food we ordered. Some of the other dishes were lost to my stomach- didn't have a chance to take a picture.

Clear broth beef brisket!! YUM. The beef brisket was tender, flavorful and juicy. The broth was a bit overly salty.

The food honestly is VERY good, but it was really expensive. Almost $3000 for LUNCH! Yikes. The food quality, service are all great- just a tad toooooo expensive.


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