C’est une Belle Journée

Art Direction: Denise Seto

Styling: Denise Seto & Kieran Ho

Hair: Gloria Chan @ Willmakeup

Makeup: Jessy Tse, Kidd Sun & Yumiada Ling @ Willmakeup

Photo: Anson

Assisted by: Anthony & Joe

Models: Da Hee, Jan, Yalguun @ Sun Esee & Elya B @ Primo


Special thanks to AZURE RESTAURANT SLASH BAR for the location

(on left)

BOTTEGA VENETA green hand painted wool cashmere coat $34,000, green nappa belt $2,250 and multicolor patent pumps $7,450


(on right)

BOTTEGA VENETA orange shearling coat $68,400, multicolor printed crepe de chine dress $18,900, multicolor patent pumps $6,250 and multicolor hand painted exotic skin handbag $30,000

BOTTEGA VENETA indigo cashmere sweater $11,200, orange and blue printed crepe Japonaise Skirt $17,100 and multicolor patent pumps $6,250

JUICY COUTURE black and white jacquard puffer vest $2,390, blue chambray sequined pullover $2,590, black and white tweed shorts $1,790, black quilted sneakers $1,290 and bracelets $690-1,290

(stockings stylist’s own)

WESC black and white top in hailee leaves print with matching skirt $700

LACOSTE white Carnaby Sneakers sneakers $800

(gloves and stockings stylist’s own)

JUICY COUTURE black and white tweed jacket $2,790, black, white and pink cashmere knit hoodie $4,390, matching sweat pants $3,390, and black quilted sneakers $1,290

(gloves stylist’s own)

CARAT* LONDON Antonia in Ruby Grand necklace, (worn on middle finger) Melissa in Padparadscha ring and (worn on ring finger) Emerald Cushion Border set ring (all prices upon request)

BLESS’ED ARE THE MEEK blue jumpsuit (price to be confirmed)

PHILIP TREACY black and white headpiece $15,580

JUICY COUTURE pink and purple faux fur coat $4,090, black and white sequined track pullover $2,390, grey track pants $890, black pumps $1,790, bracelets $690-790 and ring set $490

JUICY COUTURE black iridescent sequins track jacket $2,990, matching track pants $2,590, black pumps $1,790 and bracelets $690-790