CHUNKY SUMMER!打造搶眼活力泳裝造型

夏天到了,女士們當然要準備一套/一件今季最hit的泳裝傍身啦。想令造型特出一點,配襯一些chunky style 的首飾就可以立刻提升整體的搶眼度。
Text & Styling: Catherine Ko
Photo: Eddie Tam
Makeup: Kylie Chan
Hair: Jacky Leung
Model: Sooin @Quest 

Peony recycled ruched bandeau $700 & pant $700 @ Lane Crawford 
Dolce & Gabbana plated brass pendant earrings $6,100
Chloé anouck necklace $6,720
(on right hand)
Hermès fin bracelets $3,900 & large bracelets $5,000

Prada yellow patterned bodysuit $10,150
Miu Miu bracelet with fringes $4,450
John Hardy asli classic chain link silver necklace $16,260
Giorgio armani stylish earrings in grey-toned printed organza and plexiglass (price to be confirmed)

Gourami ladder works swimsuit $799
Thomas sabo rebel chains necklace $27,490
Atelier swarovski fluid azzurro fringe necklace $9,300
Atelier swarovski fluid azzurro arm cuff $5,050 (on left hand)
(on right hand)
Atelier swarovski tigris statement ring $3,000
Chloe anouck bracelet $6,420

Hermès swimsuit $1,840
Swarovski lucky goddess necklace $3,000
Miu Miu earrings $3,850


Dior kaléidiorscope red roses printed swimsuit $5,700
Loro piana ‘brigitte’ hat in paper $2,800
Alexander McQueen pave tubolar necklace $11,200
John hardy dot hammered 18K gold & silver drop pendant on slim chain necklace $15,400 & silver extra-large hoop earrings $4,245
(on left hand)
John hardy asli classic chain link hammered silver flex cuff $13,685 & 18K gold & silver multi row bracelet with pusher clasp $59,200
(on right hand)
John hardy asli classic chain link hammered 18K gold & silver flex cuff $17,115 & link 18K gold & silver link reversible bracelet $42,855


Stella McCartney swimsuit $3,950
Giorgio Armani hoop earrings in greige plexiglass & necklace & bracelet (price to be confirmed)
Atelier swarovski tigris cuff $5,050 

Vilebrequin swimsuit $2,300
Fendi necklace green flower chocker $9,600
optium ce oversized earrings $2,500 
(on left hand) 
John hardy legends naga silver multi row bracelet $18,835 
Swarovski notorious ring $3,000 
(on right habd)
Salvatore Ferragamo leather bracelet $2,500
John hardy classic chain silver ring $8,535 & 18K Gold & Silver Crossover Ring $7,680

Marks and spencer black swimsuit $549 
Dolce & Gabbana pendant earrings $12,900
Fendi orange flower choker $9,600
(on right hand)
Prada nappa borchie bangle $3,450 
Giorgio Armani round metal and plexiglass ring (price to be confirmed)
(on left hand)
Folli follie chic princess bangle (price to be confirmed)
Swarovski optimum ring $3,500