Arte (worn on right middle finger) $3,900 ring and (worn on left wrist) bracelet $6,600
John Hardy (worn on left ring finger) bamboo ring $3,390, (worn on upper left wrist) coil bracelet $12,825 and (worn on lower left wrist) cuff $17,115
APM Monaco (worn on left wrist) star cuff $4,010, (worn on right wrist) cuff $3,500 (worn across left middle and ring finger) pearled ring $1,630, (worn on right wrist) cuff, (worn on right ring finger) ring
John Hardy (worn on upper neck) bamboo necklace $36,035 and (worn on left index finger) tiger ring $3,390
Swarovski (worn on bottom neck) necklace $3,000

Swarovski (worn on right index finger) gold pearl ring $3,500 and (worn on left ring finger) black ring $3,000
Carat* (worn on right ring finger) gold ring $1,560
Jimmy Choo gold clutch $18,900
APM Monaco necklace $9,950, (worn on middle finger) ring $950, (worn on hand) bracelet $3,700, (worn on upper wrist) bangle with pearl $3,500
John Hardy (worn on lower wrist) black and silver bangle $14,545

Art Direction & Styling: Kieran Ho
Hair: King Lee
Makeup: Walter Ma
Assisted by: Angel Chui @ Walter Make Up
Manicure: Phyllis Chan @ Walter Make Up
Photo: Eddie Tam
Model: Fan Yu Ting @ Style

Make up looks created using Make Up For Ever