Wallflower Girl 印花女孩


Marni printed top $14,600 & printed skirt $ 7,900
Oscar De La Renta large resin clip earrings $3,831 from Net-A-Porter.com

Diane von Furstenburg printed skirt $5,200
Yunotme Echo lace-trimmed grosgrain headband $1,078 from Net-A-Porter.com
Prada pattern top with ostrid feather $12,100, pants $9,350, belt $2,200 & the heels $9,100
Yunotme Ziggy raffia headband $1,078 from Net-A-Porter.comFendi floral pattern skirt $16,400
Jennifer Behr Avery gunmetal-plated headband $2,653 from Net-A-Porter.com

Miu Miu cloque floral coat dress $24,550, cloque bubble shawl $10,250 & transparent sandals $9,450
Erikson Beamon velvet choker with Swarovski crystals (as headband) $2,405 from Net-A-Porter.comLoewe balloon printed skirt $25,500, Caramel Obi belt $ 6,900 & dark Havana knot earrings $2,650
Etro striped military jacket $30,400 & printed maxi dress $19,800
Yunotme Charlize satin rope headband $1,615 from Net-A-Porter.comMarc Jacobs floral printed brocade coat & lace dress with embroidery (Both price to be confirmed)
Oscar De La Renta beaded silk clip earrings $4,278 from Net-A-Porter.comArt Direction & Styling: Nicola Lai Photo: Sze Chuen Makeup & Hair : Wendy Lee@Wendy’s Workshop Model: Anna VO.@QUEST
Special thanks to 12,000 FRANCS for the venue