A Nomadic Story

Jourden aqua bell cuff tulle
top (price to be confirmed)
from Lane Crawford
Tory Burch green patterned
bodysuit $2,480 and
long skirt $18,480

(from top to bottom)
Bottega Veneta silver necklace $49,500
Stella McCartney aqua rocks
necklace (price to be confirmed)
Chanel faux pearl necklaces and (worn on left ear) crystallized
earring (all prices to be confirmed)
Giorgio Armani (worn on right ear) dangling earrings $3,000

YCH back striped tulle dress $6,500 from Lane Crawford
Moncler white lace bomber jacket $37,900
Swarovski crystallized choker $6,350
Alexandre Zouari crystallized head band $29,980
Christian Dior D-Fence black cap $3,900
Chanel cross earring and pink floral brooch (both prices to be confirmed)Elie Saab black bustier jumpsuit $55,000
Dolce & Gabbana black embellished jacket $89,000

(from top to bottom)
Swarovski smoky necklace $710 and crystallized choker $7,400
Hermes eye pendant necklace $12,300, silver chain necklace $76,100, silver bangle $60,500, silver dome ring $5,800 and silver double ring $7,300
Giorgio Armani blue dangling earrings (price to be confirmed)
Bottega Veneta silver hair pin $5,250
Giuseppe Zanotti (worn on left hand) crystallized bangle (price to be confirmed)
Giorgio Armani (worn on right hand) blue acrylic
bangles (both prices to be confirmed)Moschino red embroidered bustier dress $29,000 and
matching jacket $36,000

(from top and bottom)
Folli Follie (on head) gold tassel necklace $1,205,
gold tassel choker $1,205 and (on neck) gold fringed choker $1,355
Dolce & Gabbana gold round earrings $3,100
Giorgio Armani blue leaf acrylic choker (price to be confirmed)
(worn on left hand)
Loewe gold calla wristband $3,150 and mask cuff $6,350
Folli Follie sphere rings from $455 to $605
(worn on right hand)
Chanel blue crystallized bangle (price to be confirmed)
Christian Dior J’Adior double ring $2,500

Art Direction and Styling: Denise Seto
Styling assisted by: Linda Seto
Photo: Seasons Wong @ DS Productions
Makeup: Louisa Wong @ Willmakeup
Hair: Eliza Tang @ Willmakeup
Model: Pille F. @ Model Genesis International Management