Carpe Diem

Art Direction: Denise Seto

Styling: Denise Seto & Kieran Ho

Hair: Gloria Chan @ Willmakeup

Makeup: Jessy Tse, Kidd Sun & Yumiada Ling @ Willmakeup

Photo: Anson

Assisted by: Anthony

Models: Da Hee, Jan & Yalguun @ Sun Esee


Special thanks to AZURE RESTAURANT SLASH BAR for the location and MOËT & CHANDON for the champagne.

Carpe Diem

(from left to right)

BOTTEGA VENETA green and blue handbag $30,000, beige crepe dress $16,500, yellow pumps $6,250, pink satin jacket $13,000, matching trousers $4,950, green belt (price to be confirmed), black pumps $6,250, yellow and black handbag (price to be confirmed), purple clutch $17,000, orange leather top $28,900, matching skirt $23,000, green pumps $7,450 and purple handbag $30,000

Carpe Diem

CARAT* (from top to bottom) Padparadscha Cushion Border Set ring, Melissa in Padparadscha ring, Ursula in Intense Vivid Pink ring, Melissa in Green ring, Simply Marquiese Grand necklace and Cosmo Millennium bracelet (all prices upon request)

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD burgundy dress (price to be confirmed)

ALEXANDRE ZOUARI black and white piano hairband (price to be confirmed)

Carpe Diem

On the left

PANDORA (from left to right, top to bottom) High Summer Collection 2015 Palm Leaves silver ring with cubic zirconia and Blue Double Woven Leather bracelet and Heart-Shaped silver bangle with cubic zirconia (all prices upon request)

EMPORIO ARMANI blue plastic dress $12,500


On the right

PANDORA Palm Leaves silver pendant and necklace with cubic zirconia (all prices upon request)

EMPORIO ARMANI blue metallic patent dress (price to be confirmed)

MIU MIU black patent hat $4,800

Carpe Diem

JUICY COUTURE white dress with gold embellishments $2,690

(white underskirt stylist’s own)

Carpe Diem

PANDORA (from left to right) Spring Collection 2015 Butterfly silver pendant and necklace with cubic zirconia, High Summer Collection 2015 Snake silver ring with cubic zirconia, Essence Spring 2015 Collection charms with silver sterling bracelet and beaded silver bracelets (all prices upon request)

AGNÈS B. pink dress (price to be confirmed)

PHILIP TREACY pink and black hat with feather $15,580