Folksy Tribal

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci vintage feather printed chiffon blouse $67,300, vintage feather printed chiffon skirt $63,600 and heel mid-high boots $13,500Tod’ s mink collar $18,900
Dior green lacer cut leather long coat and patchwork leather boots (Both prices to be confirmed)
Hidy N.G. neck warmer with fur trimming (Prices to be confirmed)
Jimmy Choo fur bag $23,650
Dior Joaillerie Mer earrings in 18K yellow gold, diamonds, morganites, orange sapphires, tsavorite garnets, emeralds, pink sapphires and yellow sapphires
Dior Joaillerie Papillon ring in 18K yellow gold, diamonds, citrine, pink sapphires, orange sapphires and emeralds
Dior Joaillerie Precieuse Rose bracelet in 18K pink gold, diamonds, rubies and pink sapphires
(All prices upon request)
Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci earring (worn as nose ring) $10,500
Tom Ford Victorian black top (Price to be confirmed)
Burberry prorsum leopard print shearling coat (Price to be confirmed)
Bluma Project bracelets $310/each from The9thMuse
Burberry Prorsum cape with fringe (Price to be confirmed)
Tod’ s orange red suede dress $41,200
Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci necklace (Price to be confirmed)
Les Amis sterling silver Secret Garden Jumbo pendant/necklace with peridot and ceylon zircon $39,899
Luxe Tats metallic gold tattoos $141/each from The9thMuse
Hidy N.G. wool and lace scarf (Price to be confirmed)
Lanvin floral print silk dress (Price to be confirmed)
Jimmy Choo white boots with fur $12,800Fendi color block tweed poncho $11,800
Valentino black see through dress (Price to be confirmed)
Jimmy Choo leather feather charm $1,790

Art Direction: JC
Styling: JC
Photo: Tsang Pak Ki
Makeup and hair: Gloria Chan @ Willmakeup
Assisted by: Kami Leung @ Willmakeup
Model: Sun Ting @ Style