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Empowering Every Body: Camille's Mission to Equalize the Innerwear Industry

In an industry that has long been dominated by narrow beauty standards and limited sizing options, Camille Escudero, the founder of Lily of the Valley, is on a mission to redefine what it means to feel confident and supported in your own skin. With a fierce dedication to inclusivity and a passion for creating products that cater to the diverse needs of her customers, Camille is leading a change in the innerwear industry – one perfectly fitted piece at a time.

A Vision Born from Personal Experience

Camille's journey to becoming a trailblazer in the innerwear industry began with a simple desire to share high-quality underwear with the world. However, as her business grew, so too did her understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals with different body types and needs. "The passion for addressing health needs developed as the business developed," Camille explains. "We naturally gravitated towards serving underserved and underrepresented communities, with a particular focus on those with uteruses and ovaries."

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Camille Escudero, founder of Lily of the Valley

This personal evolution led Camille to create a brand that prioritizes inclusivity and empowerment for people of all sizes, gender identities, ages, and abilities. By listening to the needs and experiences of her customers, Camille has built a company that is not only changing the way we think about innerwear but also challenging the very notion of what it means to feel beautiful and confident in our own bodies.

Designing for Diversity

At the heart of Lily of the Valley's success is a commitment to creating products that address the diverse needs of their customers. From leak-proof period underwear to comfortable binders for transgender men, the company's offerings are designed with both function and emotion in mind. "We realized that there were emotional needs that needed to be addressed in terms of comfort and fit," Camille shares. "It's not just about creating a product that works; it's about creating a product that makes people feel seen, heard, and supported."

"My concerns about compression products is I want to make sure that they don't hurt the user physically."

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This dedication to inclusive design is particularly evident in Lily of the Valley's approach to sizing. With a wide range of options available and the ability to create custom products for individuals with different or in-between sizes, the company is ensuring that everyone can find the perfect fit. "A lot of people have different sizes or in-between sizes, and because we were making them, we're able to personalize products for specific people," Camille explains.

Empowering the Underrepresented

For Camille, empowering underrepresented communities is not just a business strategy; it's a moral imperative. "We want to be a voice for them because they are human beings, they deserve a place, and their health rights are human rights," she declares, speaking specifically about the company's focus on creating products for transgender men.

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"It's encouraging because young people are now realizing that there are options."

This commitment to empowerment extends beyond just the products themselves. Through their marketing and storytelling, Lily of the Valley is working to break down the stigmas and taboos surrounding menstruation, body diversity, and gender identity.

"Transgender men who couldn't find products that they could see themselves wearing."

By showcasing the experiences and perspectives of individuals who have long been ignored or marginalized by the fashion industry, the company is creating a new narrative around what it means to be beautiful and worthy of respect.

Sustainability and Conscious Consumption

In addition to their focus on inclusivity and empowerment, Lily of the Valley is also dedicated to promoting sustainability and conscious consumption. Through their repair service, take-back program, and efforts to educate customers about sustainable living, the company is working to reduce waste and extend the life of their products.

"Customers are happy to pay for our repair service because it helps them prolong the use of the product," Camille shares. "It's not just about creating sustainable products; it's about creating a more sustainable way of living."

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The Road Ahead

As Lily of the Valley continues to grow and expand, Camille remains committed to her mission of empowering individuals through inclusive and sustainable innerwear. With plans to extend their reach beyond the Philippines and to broaden their product offerings to cater to an even wider range of needs, the company is poised to make an even greater impact in the years to come.

"People who are in wheelchairs are coming to us requesting for products. This is a group we would love to help too."

"We would love to expand to different countries within the region," Camille shares. "There is still a lot of stigma and taboo just around speaking the word 'period' or 'menstruation,' but we know that there are people out there who need our products and who deserve to feel seen and supported."

Through their innovative designs, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to empowering the underrepresented, Lily of the Valley is not just changing the innerwear industry – they are changing the world. And with Camille at the helm, there's no limit to what this revolutionary company can achieve.

Written by: Jeremy Chapnick
Photos provided by: Camille Escudero, Lily of the Valley