Hong Kong's "What the Fog" Event Sheds Light on Menopause Awareness

A First For Hong Kong

The city witnessed a groundbreaking initiative on Wednesday, 18 October, with the introduction of its first-ever Menopause festival titled "What The Fog." Organized by The Menopause Space and FemTech Association Asia and hosted at the W Lab Community venue, the event brought menopause discussions to the forefront.

In a city where discussions around menopause have mainly remained behind the scenes, this pioneering festival was a clarion call to everyone, regardless of age or gender, to understand menopause and its diverse impacts.

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Unmasking the Myths

One of the primary aims of the event was to demystify and destigmatize menopause, enabling individuals to discuss its terms, symptoms, and associated healthcare openly. "What the Fog" hoped to lay the foundation for a more informed society by facilitating conversations around it.

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Industry Leaders Weigh In

The event featured insights from esteemed panelists representing various sectors such as AXA Hong Long. They delved deep into understanding the repercussions of menopause in different spheres of life – health, workplace, and home.

The first panel, led by keynote speaker Fiona Nott, CEO of The Women’s Foundation, and moderated by Lisa Tarquini, Founder of The Menopause Space, comprised medical professionals and therapists. Master Ruth Lee, Dr. Rebecca Lau, Dr. Sarah Borwein, and Elise Phillipson presented comprehensive views on the health impacts of menopause, offering valuable medical and psychological perspectives.

The subsequent panel addressed menopause’s influence in professional settings. With participation from industry stalwarts like Alisha Fernando, Head of Diversity and Inclusion APAC at Bloomberg, and Sally Wan, CEO of AXA Greater China, attendees gained insights into integrating menopause considerations within organizations' diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies (#dei).

Finally, the event shed light on the often-overlooked impact of menopause at home. With contributions from figures like Tricia Yap, Vera Lui, Kym, and Viv Kan, and moderation by Maaike Steinebach, Co-CEO of FemTech Association Asia, this segment provided a holistic view of the changes and challenges women face in personal spheres due to menopause.

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A Step Towards Change

Beyond education and discussion, "What the Fog" created a platform for attendees to network, fostering connections that could pave the way for societal changes regarding menopause awareness and acceptance.

The festival is a testament to Hong Kong's evolving narrative around women's health issues. It's clear that with initiatives like these, the fog around menopause is slowly but surely lifting.