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LOUDER Connect 2023: A Deep Dive into Women-Led Business Funding

Earlier this month, LOUDER Connect 2023 unfolded as a critical dialogue in the business sphere, shedding light on the persistent funding gap faced by women-led businesses. The annual summit, founded by Yamilette Cano of LOUDER Global, transcended typical conversation, delving into a nuanced exploration of the intricacies that contribute to this pervasive economic disparity.

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Unraveling the Roots of Disparity

The summit served as a platform to explore the underlying reasons for the persistent funding gap faced by women-led businesses. It dived deep into the potential barriers, whether they be entrenched within the businesses themselves, rooted in a gender-biased investment culture, or indicative of broader systemic issues.

This year's LOUDER Connect took the discourse a step further by not only highlighting these issues but also striving to develop actionable solutions. The event emerged as a critical juncture of investigation, dialogue, and solution formulation, all aimed at creating a more equitable business landscape.

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Expert Insights and Thought-Provoking Discussions

The event featured a dynamic lineup of speakers who shared their wealth of knowledge and unique perspectives.

Peter M. Dingle from HSBC, Sarah Garner of Retykle, and Shane Osborn from The Arcane Collective participated in the Radical Debate™ with insightful contributions. The Rapid Fire Questions session, led by Robyn Lamsam, included Sophiya Chiang of deploy, and Zeneth Wong of Inclusive Sports Asia, who shared their experiences and insights.

A Round Table discussion, led by Victoria Tang-Owen from Shanghai Tang, provided a comprehensive view of the current state of affairs. Meanwhile, Thierry Mandonnaud, Co-Founder & Director at Abyssian, left the audience contemplating the future of women in business with his Special Address.

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The Road Ahead

The event concluded, leaving attendees enriched with new perspectives and a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. The discussions and insights shared during LOUDER Connect 2023 have set the stage for driving change and innovation in the field of female entrepreneurship and leadership.

As we reflect on the event's outcomes and look forward to the future, the importance of continuing these discussions and working towards actionable solutions is more apparent than ever before. LOUDER Connect is not merely an event – it represents a commitment to a more equitable business landscape, and this movement shows no signs of slowing down.