Women's Health and Wellness Took Center Stage for May's JES Corner Event

JESSICA Magazine hosted our monthly networking event, JES Corner, in collaboration with WLAB by Club Wheelock and The DO. This month's event focused on health and wellness and featured two expert speakers, Cass Lam and Mandy Pao, who shared tips on managing burnout, maintaining a healthy diet, and managing stress.

The event started with group networking over coffee, tea, and snacks and continued on with opening remarks from Jeremy Chapnick and Jessica Ng followed by a fireside chat moderated by Belinda Esterhammer. After the chat, attendees had the opportunity to gain insights from the speakers, converse amongst themselves, and make new connections, all under the theme of building a powerful community of women together in a space dedicated to learning about health and wellness.

Jeremy Chapnick, JESSICA Magazine

The fireside chat was moderated by Belinda Esterhammer, the CEO of The DO Asia, and featured Mandy Pao, Speaker/Founder of The Aligned Entrepreneurs, and Cass Lam, Lifestyle Advocate and Fitness Coach.

Jessica Ng (left); Mandy Pao (center-left); Belinda Esterhammer (center-right); Cass Lam (right).

During the chat, Cass Lam shared how she incorporated nutrition and a green lifestyle to make her life more balanced. She provided tips on how the listeners can do the same. She also discussed the challenges of being a coach and offered advice on how busy professionals can sustain wellness in Hong Kong, a city known for being tough and demanding.

Cass Lam, Lifestyle Advocate and Fitness Coach

“Health is wealth. We work less to buy time for a better quality of life. In the discussion, we will dive into the topic of a healthy lifestyle: self-care, fitness, eating and living green, and happiness.”

Mandy Pao shared her experience with burnout. The audience related to her anecdote, as most of the listeners had also experienced burnout. She provided practical advice on what she learned from her experience and the key takeaways the audience could apply. She shared tips on how to work smarter, not harder, and offered advice on how we can all adopt her approach to work less and live more.

Mandy Pao, Speaker and Founder Aligned Entrepreneurs

“I firmly believe that in a city like Hong Kong, it is easy to let work dictate our lives. I aim to reverse this – to create businesses that fit into our lifestyles, rather than adjusting our lives to fit our work.”

Belinda Esterhammer, CEO The Do Asia

The May JES Corner event showcased the power of community and shared wisdom. With expert insights from Cass Lam and Mandy Pao, attendees left feeling inspired and armed with practical tips for better health and wellness. As always, our goal is to create a supportive space where women can connect, inspire, and empower each other. We look forward to continuing this journey at our next event, where we will explore new themes and ideas to help us all lead better and more successful lives.

Written by: Jeremy Chapnick
Photos by: Raymond Chan