Art Direction & Styling: Denise Seto

Curated by: Nana Tong

Photo: Jerry Choi @ Rouge Concept

Assistant by: Martin Tong @ Rouge Concept

Styling, Makeup & Hair: Janae @ Janae Makeup, Sara @ Janae Makeup

Model: Sun Yuechen @ Synergy Model Management



White denim eyelet vest $3,999, white tutu skirt $3,999

Both from Ade.C

Michael Kors beige shearling coat $40,900

Christian Dior black patterned handbag $41,000

Gucci white sneakers $7,100

Vann charm chocker $1,800 (worn as nose chain)



Gucci red feather knitted top 19,500

REVÉ by RENÉ x Hello Kitty sunglasses $1,990

Jimmy Choo mustard yellow handbag $12,700


Gucci black patterned chemise dress $40,000

Prada yellow corduroy coat $31,900

Jimmy Choo faux pearl clutch (price to be confirmed)

Sweet Lime Juice silver ear cuff $2,560

Gucci heart shape crystal ring $4,750


Ade.C black ruffled bustier $3,899

Gucci red military jacket $28,800, black satin equestrian pants & green pattern boots (both prices to be confirmed)

All from Gucci

Vann charm necklace $1,800 (worn as nose chain)

Sweet Lime Juice gold ear cuff $2,090

Zadig & Voltaire mini patterned bag $1,550



Zadig & Voltaire red blazer $5,250

Green sequined dress $85,500 & green sequined boots (Price to be confirmed)

Both from Prada

Heart chain necklace $3,000, charm chocker $1,800 (worn as nose chain)

Both from Vann

Roger Vivier silver patent buckled bag $13,500


Loewe white patterned coat $28,450

Green knitted sweater $10,500 & electric blue mini bag $6,300

Both from Salvatore Ferragamo

Prada electric blue gloves (Price to be confirmed)

Pink eyewear $1,680 & violet eyewear $880

Both from Big Horn

Loewe shocking pink wrist pouch $4,200


Red leather coat $60,250 & green pants $10,750

Both rom Loewe

Brown leather corset (with black patterned shirt) $40,000, white leather handbag $30,000 & logo sneakers $6,300

All from Gucci


Ade.C red tulle evening dress $9,899

Christian Dior white wool long coat $87,000

Roger Vivier white crystallized buckle pumps $10,000

Gucci black leather shoulder straps $17,000

REVÉ by RENÉ x Hello Kitty sunglasses $2,380

Salvatore Ferragamo green patent handbag $18,900



Burgundy patterned playsuit, patterned handbag & orange leather gloves (All prices to be confirmed)

All from Prada

Jimmy choo white crystal embellished heels $8,250


Michael Kors zebra printed coat $40,253

Ade.C red leather belt $1,699

Roger Vivier purple velvet embellished handbag $19,900

Sweet Lime Juice silver ear cuff $2,560