Move Your Body時尚運動配飾


From Left to Right:
New Era black cap with brush strokes $399
Michael Kors white sneaker with gold details $1,700
Michael Kors navy and white Boston bag (Price to be confirmed)
House of Holland black plastic frame sunglasses with mesh details $800
Ash white sneakers with white studs details $1,590
Juicy Couture collegiate graphic tank in white $790
Furla Stacy mini drawstring calf leather $2,990
Michael Kors black and white plastic frame sunglasses (Price to be confirmed)
Ash sports white sneaker with stars rivets $1,490
Juicy Couture Belinnda black python pattern sneaker with silver toe cap $1,290

Move Your Body時尚運動配飾Saint Laurent grey college sweater $9,900
還記得當年在學的你充滿活力和朝氣嗎?可能一件學院風的針織上衣,能令你再次感受年青的魅力。Move Your Body時尚運動配飾Tory Burch perforated logo backpack in black $4,180
或許尼能的背包更適合運動,但緊貼潮流的你,還是一個皮革背包更吸引吧?Move Your Body時尚運動配飾 Celine white & blue canvas Plimsole sneaker $4,650
Simply is chic!連Celine都推出帆布便鞋,你沒理由不相信吧?Text: Roanna Lee
Photo: Raymond Chan