SHINEBulgari high jewellery floral design tiara in white gold with diamonds (individual price)SHINEBulgari Serpenti Seduttori high jewellery necklace in white gold with sapphire, rubies and diamonds (individual price)
Bulgari Fiore Allegro high jewellery earrings in white gold with sapphires and diamonds (individual price)
SHINELanvin white feather vest jacket $40,400 and
chiffon long skirt $41,500
Christian Dior white quilted jacket $15,500 and
white cropped pants $6,500
Jimmy Choo white leather clutch $8,090
Givenchy white leather boots $16,500SHINEMSGM white ruffled top $2,299 from I.T
Prada black patterned dress $18,200
Christian Dior black sunglasses $5,000
Christopher Raeburn Disney Mickey white leather bag $5,499 from I.T

Art Direction and Styling: Denise Seto
Styling assisted by: Linda Seto
Photo: Lincoln Wong @ DS Productions
Makeup: Gloria Chan @ Willmakeup
Hair: Kit Yee Li @ Willmakeup
Model: Sun Ting @ Style International