AI Translation For A More Balanced Future


London is a hub of innovation, home to visionaries pushing boundaries. We sat down with Jurga Zilinskiene and David Clarke, the pioneering minds behind AI translation disruptor Guildhawk. Though on an unconventional path, these dynamic leaders are committed to empowerment through technology. Their compelling vision epitomizes London's thriving ecosystem of purpose-driven advancement. Guildhawk reveals technology crafted for a more balanced future, where AI translation breaks down barriers between languages and cultures.

"The community you build, what you've built, begins with two, doesn't it?... You build a community around people's interests and passions, and from those two, it multiplies into the whole movement that can go global."

Seeds of Entrepreneurship: Jurga's Early Journey

Jurga Zilinskiene's entrepreneurial spirit took root at a very young age. Reflecting on her childhood in Lithuania, she recalls:

"I started my journey in business at the age of eight... I found some seeds... I saw an opportunity and asked if I could sell the seeds... That was my first venture into business."

Her curiosity wasn't limited to business alone. Jurga shares, "I've always had a passion for languages... My curiosity was boundless, and knowing languages truly opened my world." This fascination with languages would eventually guide her to the United Kingdom, where she delved into the professional world of translation and developed a deep interest in technology.

As she embarked on her journey, Jurga found inspiration in various role models' dedication and work ethic, with Queen Elizabeth holding a special place in her heart. The honor bestowed upon her by Her Majesty – a Member of the British Empire – was a testament to the impact she had made in international trade.

Throughout her journey, one thing remained constant – Jurga's commitment to breaking down barriers and fostering an environment that encourages and supports women.

"Reflecting on my childhood, I appreciate that I was never treated differently for being a girl; I was simply treated as a child whose opinions mattered."

This belief influenced her approach to leadership, inspiring her to create a workspace that acknowledges and nurtures the potential of women in the world of tech.

Joining Forces: David's Entry into Guildhawk

The expansion of Guildhawk's vision truly began when David Clarke joined the ranks. As the Director and Chief Security Officer, David brought a keen understanding of technology and security. He shares,

"People have so much data out there, and they don't always think about what happens to their data, how we give it away freely... So Guildhawk became the first company in the world to get the ISO international standard for data security."

David also provides a unique insight into Jurga's drive and entrepreneurial spirit.

"Jurga's constantly pushing the boundaries with, 'Why don't we do something else with this and help the customer, help our clients, to do amazing things?' So, it's that curiosity... that's the entrepreneurial spirit."

Together, they have navigated the world of business and technology, constantly pushing boundaries and seeking ways to leverage technology to serve their customers better.

A Partnership Forged in Mutual Respect and Shared Interests

Beyond their professional collaboration, Jurga and David's relationship is a testament to the power of mutual respect and shared interests. Their partnership in life and business has been an integral part of their growth journey.

"The chemistry, the friendship, when your partner has all those strengths that are your weaknesses or your blind spots and can do them extremely well, makes for a fantastic team."

Their shared passions extend beyond the realms of language and technology. They both have a deep affection for music and enjoy supporting young musicians. Despite their honesty about their inability to sing, their love for music, particularly from the 80s and early Jazz Age, endears them to others and brings them joy.

Building A Future Together

Central to Jurga and David's shared vision is technology's future, women's role in tech, and the continued growth of Guildhawk. They both believe in looking ahead, focusing on the future rather than dwelling on the past. Jurga rightly states, "Rather than solely examining the past, we should focus on the future. By doing so, we may discover ways to bring more women into leading roles in the times ahead."

Through their work at Guildhawk, they lead the way in the AI translation industry, break down language barriers, and empower women in tech. Their story is a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of partnership, perseverance, and a shared vision. It is a testament to their belief that the world can be a more connected, inclusive place with the right mix of technology and human creativity.

Empowering Women in Tech and Beyond

Jurga's commitment to breaking down gender-specific obstacles women often encounter is reflected in the work environment at Guildhawk. She strives to create an atmosphere that encourages women and is conducive to their ways of working.

"In the workplace, we must ensure the environment is conducive to women's work. At our company, we are keenly aware of this and always look for amazing female coders."

David echoes these sentiments, pointing out the need to support and inspire young women to see that they can achieve great things.

"We've got to give that support, let them see that they can do it, and they will go far... helping them to excel, and when you support them. Many of them are still with us and have been promoted."

Looking ahead, Jurga and David are focused on how they and Guildhawk can shape the future. They believe in the transformative potential of technology and its ability to bridge cultural divides and create a more inclusive world. They are also committed to fostering strong communities and empowering the next generation.

Interested in hearing more? Watch the full-length interview below here:

A Shared Vision of the Future

Jurga Zilinskiene and David Clarke's journey is a testament to the power of partnership, shared vision, and unwavering commitment. Together, they are leading the way in the AI translation industry, breaking down language barriers, and promoting inclusivity in the tech world. Their story is a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that we can all make a significant impact with perseverance, the right partnership, and a knack for spotting opportunities.

Text: Jeremy Chapnick